Hello! I'm Veronika, a graphic designer based in Zurich and London. I have recently finished a CS semester at the ETH Zurich and graduated from Kingston School of Art in June 2020. As a designer I am interested in exploring the role of technology in our lives and how it shapes our behaviour.
    Our technologies are extensions of ourselves, codified in machines and infrastructures, in frameworks of knowledge and action. Computers are not here to give us all the answers, but to allow us to put new questions, in new ways. By working in areas of visual communication and experimental uses of technology, I enjoy posing questions such as how are plants in cities affected by street lights and how can we paint with our voices. Here is a selection of my projects. Have a play.


Visual Design Intern
2021, London

Freelance Graphic Designer
2019 - present, Zurich

Graphic Design Intern
2019, Zurich